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We use a consistent, disciplined investment approach to exceed our clients investment objectives.

Who We Are

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Smith Asset Management Group is based in Dallas, Texas and is dedicated to providing high quality investment management service to a limited number of institutional and high net worth clients. Stephen S. Smith, CFA, the firms CEO and Chief Investment Officer founded Smith Asset Management Group in 1995.

What We Do

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The firms team of experienced investment professionals all of whom possesses advanced degrees and/or hold the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, implements a repetitive, multi-step engineering approach to portfolio management. The firm takes a team approach to investing and believes that the combination of their return-stabilizing, risk management approach, with their earnings, valuation and quality focused stock selection process will produce superior portfolio results that are repeatable, less volatile, and consistent over long periods of time.

News & Research

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An Introduction to our firm by CEO Steve Smith, CFA

Big Debates

Rick Villars - April 01, 2014

Two of the biggest current market debates revolve around valuation and the impact of tapering. Tapering has caused angst for market participants, but is the apprehension ju...

Treadmill Market

John Brim - April 01, 2014

U.S. equity markets as measured by the S&P 500 Index rose 1.8% in the first quarter, a respectable finish for the period given the greater than 5% pullback in equity ma...

Profits vs. Investment

Bill Ketterer - April 01, 2014

Have U.S. corporations cut back on capex, the lifeline to their future, to appease activist shareholders that want cash returns now? To answer this oft asked question, we u...

Be careful about reading too much into Chinese February export data

Rick Villars - March 11, 2014

Much is being made about the 18% drop in Chinese Exports in February reported over the weekend.  While one should pay attention to trends in China, investors should ke...

Fading at the end

Chris Zogg - March 06, 2014

The second half of reporting season saw significantly fewer companies exceeding expectations than early reporting experience.  The rate at which companies beat consen...